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What is Don't Forget..?

Your eyes open to reveal an unfamiliar place. Your name lingers in the back of your mind... was it of importance? Is it your name? You look from left to right, and you are alone. Why can't you remember anything? Was there anything to remember? A figure appears. He seems almost Godly. He mumbles about how you shouldn't be here, then introduces himself as Leonidas. After hearing about your current predicament he agrees to help you, aiding you in regaining some strength. He's the only other living thing in this world with you. You mightn't enjoy his company, but at least it's something. Well, that's what you believe. The End watches. Perhaps you aren't alone...

As this game is in complete development, we are under no such warranty that your game WILL NOT CRASH. We are sure it won't, but do no hold us liable for such things. Do mind, us here DO NOT side on religious beliefs and herein such take no regards to beliefs. AND AS SUCH, This work of fiction was designed, developed, and made by a multicultural team of various religions, faiths, and beliefs. We are only here to develop games and will NOT take such religions, BUT will poke fun at these things. DO NOT take offense as this game is made purely just for fun.


1. What exactly is it, who is developing it, and when wil it be released?

Don't Forget is a RPG made and developed by 4 people, who have came together to make WGames. This Game is in development, and we are sure to place more and more content into the things we love. We plan on releasing in Q4 2016, or very early Q1 2017. We plan on making it one of the best RPG's that you can plan and make many choices.


If you download this game, it is only about 4% complete. Everything will be better and no so troll-y.

Release date Jun 02, 2016
AuthorAustin James
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes

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